Thursday, 10 January 2013

10 iPhone apps to help keep your New Year's resolutions

A variety of iPhone apps are available to help one stay on track with their New Year's resolutions. There are numerous different goals that an individual might have in mind; below are iPhone apps for some of the most common New Year's resolution goals.
Fitness & Health

  • For those that enjoy running, the free Nike+ app will accurately keep track of the distance the person has run along with other information such as their pace and their finishing track time.

  • Another fitness app called Fitocracy, is a free app that integrates over 800 exercises with categories in strength training, cardio workouts and even some exercises to help lose weight. Once the person has reached their goals, achievements may be unlocked to help motivate the individual to keep going.

  • For those looking to relax and strive for inner peace, they may want to attempt incorporating Yoga into their daily routines. Yoga Studio is a free app that has 30 programmed Yoga courses that vary in poses and session times.

  • Scheduling & Organising

  • An app called Clear will allow people to organize a to-do list for the New Year. They may list things they'd like to accomplish, but have been putting off for awhile. With the New Year, it is never a better time to finally get things done.

  • The iPhone app Evernote will allow an individual to not only create a to-do list, but they may also write down personal notes at times when one might need to remember something important.

  • The iPhone app Schedule Planner also presents a useful task manager where one may schedule their daily activities or New Year's goals and be reminded of them. The app also may keep track of the individual's actual goal data versus the goal data they set for themselves; this helps to motivate individual's to stay on course with their goals.

  • Reading & Writing

  • The free Amazon Kindle reading app allows an individual to access their Amazon library collection of eBooks right on their iPhone. One may begin reading where they last left off within the eBook they choose after syncing their account to their iPhone.

  • iA Writer is a writing app that offers a basic format for writer's to write anything from articles, emails, letters and more while maintaining a minimalistic software. There is an on-screen keyboard integrated as well as the option for focus mode that greys out all text except for three visible lines to help the writer focus.

  • Finances

  • A free financial app called Toshl provides an easy way to list all daily transactions that have occurred, whether debits or credits. This helps to keep track of available balances and spending transactions. Also, users are given the option to export the data to PDF, Excel or Google Docs.

  • The free iPhone app allows users to also keep track of their finances through the app's simple user interface. The app keeps track of each deposit, withdrawal as well as specific spending categories. Lastly, helpful alerts notify the user of low balances or unusual spending activity.

  • Whatever goal someone has for the New Year, they are sure to find an app to help meet their needs. As long as the individual takes advantage of the app's features, reminders or other options, they should be able to reach their resolutions successfully.

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